Nurse Practitioners provide comprehensive, accessible, and coordinated family health care services through Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics to populations who have difficulty accessing a primary care provider (i.e. unattached patients).

Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics deliver:

  • Comprehensive primary care to patients in the community ensuring continuity of care;
  • Holistic care that addresses all needs of each patient;
  • Enhanced health promotion;
  • Chronic Disease and illness management and prevention;
  • Health education and training; 
  • Care coordination and navigation of the health care system;
  • Full time Social Worker available through the Clinic; and
  • Integrated care within the community through established partnerships.

Registered Nurses provide additional:

  • Community lab services to the general public who have a physician requisition; and 
  • Education and workshops.

Social Workers also provide services to the general public either through physician or self-referrals:

  • Counselling services;
  • Community referrals;
  • Assistance in filling out government forms; and 
  • Advocate on behalf of their clients. 




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